Friday, January 4, 2013

Bangalore my love

As a teenager I had a crush on Rahul dravid so always wanted to meet him and to meet him i wanted to come to Banglore so very soon my wish was about to come true when our Botany teacher announced a trip to this beautiful place.but alas for some reason the trip was cancelled.......anyways got a chance to visit this garden of city when my husband got transfered from Delhi to here......i was really happy as i always wanted to visit this place(of course before marriage for some other reason.i wanted to meet my crush}
It has been 6 yaers now.and I just love this place-- lush greenery,huge trees ,food ,tradition,culture ,atmosphere...everything:)
Here i got Pencil jammers,chumma drawers .so lots of thing i got here thankyou Bangalore:)

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